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Hello, I'm a Mac!

The first computer I remember using was our family computer.  It was a Macintosh LC!  Here are the specs for those interested:

  • 50 MB hard drive
  • Floppy Drive for 3.5" disks
  • 4 MB (might have even been less) of RAM
  • 10" color screen
  • running Mac OS 7
  • StyleWriter black and white inkjet printer

It's hard to imagine how far computers have come when now we're in gigabytes.  Back then, getting to 100 MB was a BIG DEAL (remember Zip Disks?).

I currently own a MacBook, an iMac and an iPhone.  So yes, hello, I'm a Mac!  I use a Dell for work.  I do go between worlds.  I do understand why businesses...uh hem...the enterprise...loves Microsoft.  I still wouldn't use it as my platform of choice for my business.

But the Bottom Line...

If you work best on a PC, then that's cool.  Who am I to tell you what tool you should use?  If the tool makes you most productive, then that's the tool you should use.  My tool is a Mac.

Written on August 16, 2009