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Summer 2002 Internship with zztype

I spent a total of three summers with zztype - Summers of 2002 (between freshman and sophomore year), 2003 (between sophomore and junior year), and 2004 (between junior and senior year).

I distinctly remember the first day.  I showed up to work in a nice-t-shirt, nice-shorts, and slippers (remember, I was 15).  At least Peter had pants on.  Well, when we showed up, we got yelled at.  Blaine said if he has to wear monkey clothes, you have to wear monkey clothes.  So we all wore monkey clothes.  And to add to that, we didn't bring lunch.  So we raided Blaine's saimin stash for lunch.  Eventually Lahela, who had just graduated, joined us.

Each summer had projects for us to work on, either stuff we brought to work on for KS or stuff Blaine had lined up for KS.  The first summer I took on the simple projects while Peter took on the monster projects.  Blaine was trying to provide services for the teachers to use, such as the photo gallery and ashnews (to post news and homework on their site).  Peter had modified ashnews to what Blaine needed it to do.  Peter also had this project in his mind. In retrospect though, it was more of a vision:

Peter's vision of MyKS.
Peter's vision of MyKS.

Can anyone say KS Connect?  This is the first thought/model of some student portal that used information from the student records system.  I remember seeing this and thinking that this was great!  But how?  The biggest problem was where were we going to get the data to support this.  Peter and I tried to flush this idea out one day that summer.  The bottom line was that it was too soon.  Kamehameha wasn't ready.  Peter could have built each component out but even if he did I think he would have failed.  There were too many pieces still missing, both technically and politically/administratively.

To give credit where credit is due, Peter came up with the vision.  I remembered his vision.

Written on August 16, 2009