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2002-2003 - Sophomore Year

I only mention sophomore year for two reasons: 1) guidance, 2) Food Services.

In the presentation to parents regarding KS Connect, Fred Kramer mentioned that I started doing this my sophomore year.  I guess it's true.  However, I like to think of the system for classmates to check when they had guidance as a very crude system, my first run.  It was simple though, and I believe this is how it worked: enter student ID#, get guidance schedule.  Sophomore guidance was only 8 times a semester and the posters were quite confusing.  So this was a chance to play and drive traffic to the CyberWarriors site.  Loaded everyone's schedule into a database server and then wrote a PHP front-end for people to check their schedule.  Eventually, for Junior Year we added attendance and text messaging to the mix, based on what was done for Food Services, which is a Junior Year project.

Blaine had Peter working on another project - the Food Services Web site.  That Web site is still in existence.  The concept was simple: tell people what's for lunch.  However, it became a lot more after looking at the back-end.  Peter had built the back-end with scheduling "meals" using pull-down menus.  A menu item had to first be added to a list that would then appear in the pull-down.  Eventually these lists were huge.  It had every food that was being served.  Then Blaine added on the news to the site and some auxiliary pages, such as recipes, which eventually got some press.  The Food Services site would not be ready for launch until after my second summer with zztype.

In the meantime, Peter was constantly working on the CyberWarriors Web site, trying to come up with ways to draw traffic.  I think the biggest hit was the song contest section (reproduced here) that was launched.  Peter had all of the lyrics posted for all of the songs.  I can't remember if he eventually got the scores up after.  It was a feature that would exist for two more years after.

Written on August 17, 2009