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Summer 2003 - Internship with zztype, again.

I'm having a hard-time remembering what was built this summer.  Peter was not with us this summer.  He was already getting into his job as Webmaster for New Hope.  I do remember that my colleague that summer was Casey Mederios from '04.  That was when I realized teaching PHP can be really difficult.  I told her to read the books I guess that was not how she learned.  She worked on a registration site that was pretty good for not having any experience.  She also, eventually, worked on, a site for Kapolei's New Hope church.

I worked on a bunch of other projects.  I couldn't exactly remember them but I do remember the one important thing Blaine had me do that summer.  Peter had built Blaine's Food Services site but some things were not working correctly.  My job was to fix those problems.  Blaine also wanted me to add some bells and whistles, which included RSS feeds (RSS feeds were just starting to get popular), email subscription, and text-message subscription.  We also dabbled with a WAP version (for mobile phones).

Written on August 17, 2009