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The Naming Conversation

Many people ask me who came up with the name of what is now known as KS Connect.  The answer is me.  I came up with the name with a little help from Blaine.

Take a look at this email conversation between Blaine and me:

KS Connect Name Email

When I began developing KS Connect, I went back to Peter's original MyKS idea.  I even intended to give the system the same name, MyKS, mirrored after My Yahoo.  However, the name just didn't stick like names should.  One just knows when the right name is discovered.  KS Connect was the right name (even though it started with a + sign).

So there you have it folks.  A little piece of history of how KS Connect got its name.  March 17, 2005 was when the name was created.  Blaine got to work quickly acquiring the domain, which is the domain we use today ( works too).

Written on August 23, 2009