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Summer 2005 - From KS student to KS employee in 48 hours

After the success of the Student Registration System (regardless of the growing pains), the next step became very clear very quickly.  I don't remember if Amy (not known as Mrs. Kimura from this point forward) told me or she and I collectively knew what the next step was.  In retrospect, the Student Registration System was the prototype for deploying a Web application to students to facilitate an existing process.  It was time to expand concept to include other processes as well as change the target audience to include parents.  The roughly two and a half-months after the registration system was finished the work develop KS Connect began.

KS Connect had to do the following:

  1. Display Current Grades uploaded from teachers' gradebooks (using the Basmati system).
  2. Issue electronic progress reports.
  3. Issue electronic grade checks.
  4. Registration for the upcoming school year.

That was it.  Seems like a very small list compared to the feature set of the current version of KS Connect.

I remember graduating on May 29, 2005 with project grad going into May 30, 2009.  First day of work was Tuesday, May 31, 2009.  I can't remember but I believe it was the following week when I was issued a KS laptop and given access to the student records system.

KS Connect was born the summer of 2005 and is now in its 5th year.

Written on August 25, 2009